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SVMP 2.0.0 Released

SVMP 2.0.0 brings some major changes across many parts of the system. First and foremost is an upgrade of the virtual phone image to the latest Android 4.4.4. New user-facing features include sound streaming from the VM to the client, and the addition of an HTML5 based client app in addition to the native Android app.

Behind the scenes the server architecture and network protocol have changed significantly. The client to server connection now uses a new transport based on websockets instead of the custom TCP protocol previously used. The server has been split apart into separate components completing the refactoring work begun back in SVMP v1.4. User and VM management is now handled by a central controller, svmp-overseer, leaving svmp-server the sole role of forwarding data from clients to their personalized virtual device. This new architecture makes it much easier to scale to larger numbers of users through load balancers and reverse proxying.

Detailed Change Log

Network Protocol

Android Client

Web-based Client

SVMP Server