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Project News

SVMP 2.0.0 Released

Date: Tue Sep 30 2014

SVMP 2.0.0 brings some major changes across many parts of the system. First and foremost is an upgrade of the virtual phone image to the latest Android 4.4.4. New user-facing features include sound streaming from the VM to the client, and the addition of an HTML5 based client app in addition to the native Android app.

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SVMP 1.5.0 Released

Date: Wed Jul 16 2014

New in SVMP 1.5.0 is the long awaited single-app mode for the Android client app. Other major additions include an all-new more flexible build system for the Android VM image, and an early preview of a new HTML5-based client application.

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Introducing Single-app Mode

Date: Tue Jul 15 2014

With this release, we’ve added a new way to access your remote virtual machine (VM)! Single App Mode will allow you to more seamlessly interact with apps on your remote VM, as if they were normal apps on your device.

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SVMP 1.4.1 Released

Date: Thu May 29 2014

SVMP 1.4.1 fixes a few bugs discovered just after 1.4.0 went out the door. A kernel patch added at the last minute apparently didn’t get tested and broke the VM build. One of the sub-commands of the svmp-server’s command line utility was producing visually incorrect (although factually correct) output. A few updates for the Android client were ready to ship as well.

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SVMP 1.4.0 Released

Date: Fri May 16 2014

The 1.4 release of SVMP brings some major changes to the the Android client and SVMP server. The Android client was substantially rewritten to move logged in server connections into a persistent background service. The SVMP server receiving a thorough refactoring for better modularity, maintainability, and scalability. The clients and VM image were updated to a newer upstream release of the WebRTC library, improving video performance and stability in the process. Various other minor features and bug fixes were implemented too. Read on for more details.

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SVMP 1.3.1 Released

Date: Wed Mar 26 2014

The 1.3.1 release of SVMP fixes some outstanding issues found while deploying the 1.3 version for testing. There are no tags in the git repositories corresponding to this release, although there are branches in the Android client and SVMP server. Most are backported fixes from the development branches of the forthcoming 1.4 release. Changes to the Android VM image went directly into the master or svmp-1.1 branches, and will be picked up in future tagged releases. Major changes include better support for VMs with tablet-sized screen dimentions and orientation, more resilient /data volume mounting, and a pair of critical Android client bugfixes.

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SVMP 1.3.0 Released

Date: Wed Mar 19 2014

SVMP now has an iOS client! It’s fairly basic at the moment compared to the Android client application, but the two will converge over time. The SVMP server received an overhaul and now includes more logging options and fully automated lifecycle management of the Android virtual machines when used with an OpenStack cloud. Some remaining issues with the VM’s virtual SD card were fixed. Another focus of this release is on improving security. PKI certificate based user authentication was added as an option. The Android client now supports server certificate pinning. And we had a security code review performed that resulted in a number of smaller improvements.

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SVMP 1.2.0 Released

Date: Wed Jan 29 2014

The 1.2 release of SVMP saw changes mostly to the gateway server component. The Java-based test proxy is retired with this release and will not be receiving any further updates. Accordingly, the Node.js based svmp-server received better support for use in dev and testing environments. Notable improvements include making more options customizable through the configuration file and support in the command line tool for manually mapping VM IP addresses to user accounts for testing and small-scale deployments. There is also now a Puppet module available for installing and configuring the server. The VM now contains an SSH server as a supplement to ADB. See the VM build script for instructions on how to embed an authorized keys file and enable the server.

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