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Virtual Smart Phones in the Cloud

The Secure Virtual Mobile Platform is a free and open source system for running virtual smartphones in the cloud. It helps solve many of the problems of secure containers and “bring your own device” by treating a user’s physical phone as a terminal for remotely accessing a virtual smartphone running off-the-shelf smartphone apps. These virtual devices, operating safely in a datacenter, then provide a secure bastion for accessing sensitive apps and data.

The core of the platform is an OS image based on the Android Open Source Project that we have optimized for running on top of virtualization and cloud platforms such as KVM and OpenStack. Also included are front-end client applications for Android and iOS that can log into the remote desktop of the virtual device. Unlike traditional remote desktop applications designed for keyboard and mouse input, SVMP lets users interact naturally with remote applications using native mobile inputs like multi-touch, location, and sensors. Thanks to WebRTC technology, this all works seamlessly even over 3G and 4G cellular networks.

It is designed to be easily deployable as an application on top of existing virtualization systems and public/private clouds like OpenStack.


There are many possible use cases for SVMP. We built and released it here so it can become the foundation for whole new class of mobile capabilities. We would love to hear what novel ideas the community invents with these building blocks. Here are some we have thought of:


Platform Requirements

SVMP is tested to run on the following platforms. Let us know if you get it working reliably on others.



Virtual Device VM

Public & Private Clouds

What’s New

SVMP 2.0.0 Released09/30/14

SVMP 1.5.0 Released07/16/14

Introducing Single-app Mode07/15/14

SVMP 1.4.1 Released05/29/14

SVMP 1.4.0 Released05/16/14

Credits & Notices

SVMP is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Originally developed under the MITRE IR&D program. Code and site content approved for public release, distribution unlimited under cases 13-1256 & 13-4271.

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